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Start your meal with a list of tasty appetizers made perfectly to enrich your tastebuds. Try the cheese wontons or better yet, how about you call us and ask for some fried dumplings?
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With lo mien(soft noodle) and rice, your bound to have the best meal ever! Each entrée comes with rice or lo mien, or you can just order it by itself and taste its's ricey goodness!
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Got kids or just want some american food at an asian restaurant? Well you can have this if you just call and try our mouth watering corn dog or some old style chicken nuggets. Perfect for the kids or your american taste buds.
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Appetizers not enough? That's okay, (it never is). In our entrée section, you can view a plethora of meals. Select a regular, which comes with an egg roll or your choice of fried rice, or lo mein. Better yet, how about try a large, because your a hungry monster and a regular is not enough to fill your monstrous belly.
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I bet you were looking for just vegetables weren't you? Well guess what, we got you covered. Because eating meat is not your thing, we made sure you had a variety of choices for green loving people like you.
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Arrrgh! (bad pirate impression) Looking for seafood? Well you're in luck because we also have entrées available in shrimp. Why just shrimp you ask? Because other sea critter didn't weren't good enough for our menu.
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Why are we called "Asian Chef" and not Chinese Chef, simple, because we don't just serve chinese food, we also have Japanese and Thai. Now call us and demand some asian food!
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Why haven't you order yet? You're at the very bottom section of the menu. I know what you want. You must be thirsty too! Well, I guess it's your lucky day! Pick any flavorous liquids to help you wash down all that tasty food in your mouth. Call us. Now!
*Some pictures used in this page are not ours. They were searched from the internet and are almost identical to the food we sell. We are very sorry for the confusion and are trying to get all the pictures to be replaced with ours. Until that day comes, this message will be occupying this area like a protester. Written and website managed by James Touthang.
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